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Ways to get in touch with APEC Taxis

  1. Taxi Butler - Located in 15 venues across Runcorn, one click to order your taxi the machine provides a reference for you to confirm with the driver. 
  2. Free Phones - A large number of free phones located in various Venues in Runcorn, the phones are linked direct to our office, no need to dial a number.
  3. APP - Available on Android and Apple, free to download, you can choose your vehicle type, track in real time and get the notifications to inform you when your taxi has arrived. 
  4. Facebook Messenger - This is linked to our Facebook messenger, A automated operator books your ride, It remembers your previous locations, gives you a estimated price, informs you how long your taxi will be and again live tracking information. Try it here
  5. Telephone Number - Call us on 01928 57 57 57 - This telephone number also has a automated booking system, therefore you do not need to speak to a operator as it recognised your last locations.



The Outbuilding,
2 Boston Ave, Runcorn


Phone: 01928 575757